Flyers for Music Event

I have worked with Freda’s Garden for a number of years promoting her open gardens, and was again asked if I could design a double-sided flyer for her latest event.

This year she is holding a ‘Music in the Garden’ event in her garden.

MusicInTheGarden_FredasGarden_2017  Summer Flyer 2017_reverse


Promotional Material

Pop Art – Promotional Flyer and Poster
Adobe Photoshop PDF

I was asked by the client to create a poster and flyer to help promote her new product.  The poster was being displayed in various venues and needed to stand out, clearly show was the offer was, and also be in keeping with her current business brand.

The client was able to provide all images and most of the the text and was happy to let me create the design myself, and edited wording where I felt necessary.

Edinburgh Festival Promos

Frank Sanazi’s Das Vegas Night 4: Zis Time it’s War!fs-iraq-pack-2016-edfest_sml

I was asked by the client to produce a catchy flyer to entice people to his comedy-character show at the Edinburgh Festival.  The design was also used as the poster.

I arranged the printing of the flyers & posters, as well as delivery direct to the venue.






Previous Projects:

Spring Special Flyer

Spring Special Flyerspringspecialflyer_a5portrait_v2

The client wanted a flyer to help promote a special offer he was running.  He wanted the flyer to be catchy and stand out as his plan was to drop these through letterboxes.


All elements were created by myself.

I also arranged the printing and delivery of the flyers.