Local History Author – Website

Stepping into the Past - Footsteps to the Past.clipularwww.footstepstothepast.co.uk

I have had the pleasure to work with local historian, Pam Preedy, in creating a website to promote her latest project. Pam has spent the past few years gathering references to soldiers mentioned in the Bromley & District Times newspaper between 1914 and 1919.  The project lead her to create a database of names which people can search for free online at www.militaryancestors.co.uk.

I was asked by Pam to create a website in which she could promote this database website, share other insights and stories she found in the local newspapers during this period, as well as promote her history talks and her forthcoming book.

I also set her up on social media to help draw visitors to the site and build up a following.